About Us

Pearson Fuels was founded in 2002 by three business associates that owned and managed one of San Diego’s oldest and most respected car dealerships, Pearson Ford. Their first collective project was a retail fuel station located on El Cajon Blvd. in San Diego. The station opened in 2003 as the nation’s first Alternative Fuel Station, and from day one the station offered an amazing number of firsts in what most people considered the mature retail fueling industry. Specializing in bringing alternative fuels to the public, the station brought the first E85 station to the State of California, the first Biodiesel station to San Diego and the County’s first dual pressure Natural Gas station. Eventually named Pearson Fuel Depot, it featured San Diego’s largest Electric Vehicle charging facility, the county’s first Propane Vehicle Fueling station and was the first independent station in San Diego to offer Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. Three grades of gasoline rounded the offering to a total of 10 different vehicle fuels. This was the first time a facility of this kind had ever been built.

Over the next 12 years, under the direction of co-founder, Mike Lewis, Pearson built on this strong history of leadership in the alternative fuel industry to expand a new business model throughout the State of California. With funding from the California Air Resource Board, the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the US Department of Energy, Pearson worked with retail gasoline fuel station owners to assist them in entering the alternative fueling business. Based on the number of delivery locations, Pearson has become the largest distributor of E85 in the State of California and continues to bring funding and expertise to the expansion of E85 locations throughout the State. In 2013, Pearson was awarded $1.3 million to develop an additional 19 E85 sites. These sites will be coming online over the next two years.

During 2012 and 2013, again with support from the CEC, Pearson developed two existing diesel terminals into biodiesel blending terminals, which allows fuel truck operators to load various blends of biodiesel and regular diesel simultaneously. This ultimately eliminates the truck from making trips to two different racks and more importantly, breaks down additional barriers of alternative fuels use. In 2014, Pearson entered the Hydrogen market and signed up its first retail hydrogen refueling location and most recently began supplying denatured ethanol to the traditional fuel industry to be used for 10% gasoline blending. More information on our projects can be found on their respective tabs.

Today, Pearson counts retail stations, regional fuel marketers, refiners, military and state agencies and retail fuel chains among its growing list of customers. Feel Good Fueling Up® at the original retail Fuel Depot in San Diego or experience the reality of fueling an alternative fuel vehicle from a dispenser that is integrated into one of our partner’s retail sites.